Why Now Is the Time for Live Video

My First Live Video Experience

That all changed.

From Ski Resort to Industry Conference

A few months later, I attended DNN Summit in Denver. The conference is organized and run by volunteers from DNN’s open-source community. This year, the keynote presentations featured the CEO of DNN and the original creator of DNN (DotNetNuke), Shaun Walker.

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Sessions from DNN Summit were broadcast live via Facebook Live. The recordings are available on the DNN Facebook page.

Flipping the Camera to Front-Facing

Appearing in a live video involves an exciting yet nerve-racking transition: switching the phone’s camera from back-facing to front-facing.

  • Short segments from a U2 concert, broadcast via Facebook Live.
  • Footage from Cushing Crossing (via Facebook Live), an annual event at California’s Squaw Valley ski resort, where skiers and snowboarders attempt to skim across a pond.
  • A 10-second video on Instagram Live promoting an upcoming Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup.
  • A short segment from a presentation at that same meetup.

Benefits of Live Video

I feel a rush of excitement when the camera is on. When I end the broadcast, I often tell myself, “That was fun.” In addition to being an enjoyable experience, broadcasting live video offers other benefits.

Extended Reach

News feeds are now controlled by algorithms, which try to determine the posts that end users would find most interesting.


On social media, it’s easy to stage and curate the best version of yourself: all dressed up on a Friday night, flexing at the gym, helping a kitten down from a tree. Observing others, you’re often made to wonder, “Just how is it that their life is so … perfect?”

Share Knowledge Efficiently

Live video complements other forms of content, such as blog posts and articles.

How to Get Started

If you’re on the fence about live video, here’s a tip: Start with prerecorded videos. Pick a topic, and record short videos (one minute or less) of you discussing that topic.

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