Venturing Outside My Self-Created Filter Bubble

A Desire to Branch Out

As I put the newsletter together, I realized my articles were from the same sources. I worried that I was in a self-created filter bubble. If I didn’t branch out, I’d miss out on broader perspectives and new ways of doing marketing.

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  • LinkedIn: Miscellaneous (Quora, Google alerts, Amazon product reviews).
  • Facebook: Radio shows and podcasts (“Good Food” on WKCR and the podcasts “Mother’s Quest” and “99% Invisible.”)

Read Magazines That Aren’t Aimed at You

The visit to the bookstore triggered a memory about reading magazines you’re not the audience for. Searching my email archives, I found it: Ann Handley covered that topic in an issue of her newsletter Total Annarchy.

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Getting to Know Scientists

After skimming a dozen magazines at the bookstore, I purchased one to bring home: the March 2019 issue of Scientific American.

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A Work in Progress

In the next issue of my newsletter, I updated subscribers about my initiative. I started with a confession — that the curated articles were still from the same set of sources. However, this isn’t a one-time effort; it’s the start of an ongoing journey to open my eyes and ears.

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