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This Old Marketing podcast with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

Two marketing experts get together to highlight interesting news items and discuss their takes. They’ll talk a little football (American football, that is), reference friends and family and throw in a rant or a rave. You get to lean over their shoulder and listen in.

That’s what it’s like to tune in to the “This Old Marketing” podcast with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. Recently, the duo published their 250th episode. Congrats, Joe and Robert! 👏 🙌

Here’s my top 10 list of why I love the podcast.

Recently, Pulizzi ‘N Rose (“PNR”) did an episode with 2021 predictions. Instead of saying “OK, so here’s what we think will happen,” they asked their audience for input.

Last year, they did a bonus episode. Joe asked his Twitter followers what they’d like to hear covered.

Related note: people. People! PNR returned from a hiatus in the middle of 2019. During the pandemic, they’ve increased their frequency from weekly to every other week. Be sure to re-subscribe from your podcast player!

Robert has always stated that “Rants and Raves” is the audience’s empirically-proven favorite part of the show. Joe was always like, “Why do you keep saying that?”

That prompted a Twitter user (fidildyjibber47) to get the empirical proof:

There’s no recount needed here, folks. “Rants and Raves” beat its next-closest opponent by 40 points 🙌

Did you know? Joe does an excellent impression of Elmo (yes, Elmo).

In Episode 243, you’ll hear impressions of Sean Connery (by Robert) and Mr. T (by Joe).

If you tweet an article with hash tag #ThisOldMarketing, Joe and Robert might see it and cover the article on their podcast. Over the years, Bethany Johnson (a marketing writer) is the listener whose recommended articles have been covered the most.

In America, we call it “soccer,” while the rest of the world calls it “football.” There’s an entirely different sport that we choose to call “football.” The professionals play in the National Football League (NFL).

Robert roots for the Dallas Cowboys, while Joe roots for the Cleveland Browns. The NFL season runs from August through January and during these months, they’ll reference the trials and tribulations of their teams.

In 2020, their teams faced off against each other!

You know what I call Joe and Robert?

NFL influencers! There’s a certain listener I know who lives in the UK. He’s a football (er, soccer) fan, but told me recently that due to “This Old Marketing,” he’s started following the NFL! 🏈

One of these years, Apple will acquire Disney. Or, another company will acquire Disney. And then it will be settled.

For quite some time, Joe has been saying that Apple should acquire Disney. He’s certain it will happen, too. Robert is not convinced.

There was a lot of hype around Quibi, the short-form video app launched by Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg. They managed to raise $1.75 billion in funding, but the company flamed out in 2020.

Robert followed along as the company launched, struggled, then struggled some more. In each episode, he provided a Quibi update. Listeners of the podcast were Quibi watchers, too and would tweet updates to Robert and Joe.

Joe and Robert are generous with their mentions and compliments. They’ll mention interesting people doing interesting things in Marketing. Recently, they mentioned fellow marketing expert and podcaster Ian Truscott.

Robert opens each episode of the podcast by identifying himself, then introducing Joe. Each time, Robert comes up with a creative and humorous way to reference Joe.

For example, on Episode 249, Robert said:

“And with me, my good friend, my colleague and the other ‘Joe’ who’s definitely leading in the states of Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia, Mr. Joe Pulizzi. How are you, my friend?”


Beyoncé will occasionally make an appearance on the show.

I’m thankful for you two and love tuning in to each new episode. Keep up the great work, Joe and Robert!

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