The Questions Bay Area Marketers Are Asking

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Tom Treanor (left) and Carter Hostelley (right) speak to the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup

At the Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup, we get together once a month at the office of my employer, DNN Software.

Recently, we invited an expert duo to join us: Tom Treanor and Carter Hostelley. Tom is a senior product manager for Alexa Internet and Carter is CEO of Leadtail.

We provided an open forum for members to ask the duo any marketing-related question. Tom and Carter would provide their answers, and we’d then discuss the question amongst the group. Read further to see what Bay Area marketers have on their minds.

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Questions from Bay Area marketers

Content Amplification

Rosemary Brisco, marketing and SEO consultant with ToTheWeb, asked about content amplification.

Carter recommended getting published on a third party site, which gives you access to their audience. Once your article publishes there, you can wait a few weeks, then re-publish it to your own website, linking back to the source, of course. Carter publishes at CMSWire (among other sites) and re-publishes his articles to Leadtail and his LinkedIn profile.

Social Media Strategy

The next question was about social networks:

While the conventional wisdom is to select the social network with the highest concentration of your target audience, Tom likes to “zig when others zag.”

If you’re a coffee shop and are considering Snapchat to reach millennial latte sippers, chances are the other coffee shops are already doing that. But if you find a Snapchat alternative, you may have open waters that result in smooth sailing. That is until your competitors catch wind and join you there.

Content Marketing and E-commerce

The next question concerned content marketing for B2B e-commerce:

Carter drew parallels to successful B2C e-commerce sites and recommended facilitating user-generated content (e.g. ratings and reviews). Not only does that help educate potential buyers, it also increases trust, which can increase the likelihood of purchase.

Finally, user-generated content creates rich, longtail keyword content that search engines love. So you may see your search engine rankings rise at the same time.

Account Based Marketing

The next question came from Rich Schwerin, who asked about Account Based Marketing (ABM):

Carter said that ABM makes a lot of sense for big ticket, considered purchase products (e.g. the more complex B2B technologies). The oft-used analogy is fishing with a net (inbound marketing) vs. spear fishing (ABM).

If you’re selling a big ticket product, ABM helps you dictate whom you talk to, whereas with inbound marketing you tend to talk to a far wider range of prospects.

Note: RSVP for our upcoming Meetup. It’s all about ABM and features Jessica Fewless from Demandbase.

Marketing Technology

Schwerin snuck in a second question, which asked which marketing technology is at the peak of inflated expectations:

While there was agreement in the room that influencer marketing is still on the rise, Treanor noted that in some B2C scenarios where there’s payment to the influencers, things can quickly get off the rails.

On the B2B side, Carter spoke about the Social Insights reports that Leadtail produces. The reports profile popular topics, publications and influencers for particular topics. It’s a form of influencer marketing, notes Carter, but one that’s a win-win for the sponsoring brand and the influencer.

Content Marketing Meetup

If you’re in the Bay Area or planning to visit soon, be sure to pay us a visit. You can find details of our upcoming get-togethers on our Meetup page.

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