The Pandemic Halted Our Meetups. How We Adapted

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  1. Learn to Use Canva (Mariana Padilla)
  2. Curiosity As a Coping Mechanism in Marketing (Sarah Greesonbach)
  3. Event Marketing: Communicating Change As It’s Happening (Cathy McPhillips)
  4. Lately: AI-Generated Sales & Marketing Messaging (Kate Bradley Chernis & Lauren Turow)
  5. What Is a Customer Data Platform? (Tom Treanor)
  6. What Marketers Need to Do Now to Survive the Pandemic (Joe Pulizzi)
  7. B2B Marketers’ Survival Guide (Jill Richards and Johannes Hoech)
  8. Google Analytics: What Is It, Why Do You Need It? (Kyle Akerman)
  9. Public Relations and Content: Better Together (Michelle Garrett)
  10. Five Steps to Pivot from In-Person to Virtual Events (Okta)
  11. Say Buh-Bye to Boring Content: Storytelling for Content Marketers (Kelvin Gee)
  12. Humanize Your Brand: How to Create Content that Connects (Jessica Ann)
  13. How to Make Thought Leadership Cool Again (Lee Price)
  14. Improv for Content and Storytelling (Kathy Klotz-Guest)
  15. How B2B Brands Should Think About Social Media Marketing (Carter Hostelley)
  16. Pebble in the Shoe: Live Troubleshooting of Your Marketing Challenges (Maureen Jann)
  17. How to Increase Web Lead Conversions by 51% (Geoff Rego)
  18. Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile to Make Better Connections (Randy Ksar)

Re-thinking the marketing database

How many names are in your marketing database? If you’re in B2B, I bet it’s in the five digits, maybe even six.

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  • Ultimately have occasion to need your product or service and be predisposed to choosing you
  • Help you through targeting get better results from personalization or segmenting content
  • Provide you with insight into other products, markets, or even regions you may want to explore

Building a great email newsletter

Casey Newton, a columnist and editor at The Verge, provides excellent advice on building a great newsletter.

  1. Focus on cadence + framing
  2. Build a platform to help you build sources
  3. Reply to every reader

Featured Twitter user

This week, I recommend Megan Ming Francis (@meganfrancis).

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Featured podcast episode

I’m a fan of Ian Truscott’s Rockstar CMO site and the Rockstar CMO FM podcast.

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Understanding racism in America

The team at TED assembled a playlist titled “Talks to help you understand racism in America.”

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Engagement: it’s a nebulous term

Jonathan Crossfield (@Kimota) wrote an excellent rant about “engagement.”

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A podcaster’s journey

I loved this post titled “How I Made $8,000 per Month Podcasting, and Why You Probably Don’t Want To,” written by Tim Romero (@timoth3y).

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