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Dennis Shiao
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Sent with love and caring every other Friday.

A recent issue of the “Content Corner” email newsletter

The “Content Corner” email newsletter comes out every other Friday. I share perspectives about Marketing — and sometimes about life in general. I also curate articles about Marketing and feature interesting people and podcasts.

I’ve been managing the newsletter for the past few years and love doing it.

Main Sections

The main sections of the newsletter are:

  • Introduction
  • Around the Corner
  • Next Meetup
  • Twitter Corner
  • Podcast Corner
  • In Your Corner (an interesting article not related to marketing)

Past Issues

Here are some past issues:

Newsletter Backstory

I wrote a few posts that provide some of the backstory behind the newsletter.

I wrote about why and how I created the newsletter. At Content Marketing Institute, I wrote how the newsletter fits in to my personal branding strategy.

I also wrote an August 2020 piece for CMSWire about the newsletter. The piece includes lessons learned from managing it and suggests that B2B brands can “steal” some of them 😎


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Content Inc. Podcast

Thank you to Joe Pulizzi for mentioning “Content Corner” in Episode 242 of the Content Inc. Podcast! Joe shares my thoughts about a post written by Ian Truscott titled “A buyer has nothing but time for your content.”

Listen to the episode.

Reader Tweets

I have to admit: I love when subscribers tweet me about the newsletter. Here are some examples 😎



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