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The Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup

The Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup is a group of 900+ marketers that meets monthly in San Mateo.

Correction! When shelter-in-place requirements went into place in March 2020, we pivoted from in-person meetups to online meetups (using Zoom). These days, we meet 1–2 times per week at noon PT.

Check out this recap of our recent presentations, including a video recording of each one 🙌

Our members span a wide range of company sizes, from consultants and solopreneurs to employees at enterprise companies (e.g., HP, Google, VMware, Autodesk, Oracle, etc.).

We’ve had presenters from SiriusDecisions, Demandbase, Marketo, Flipboard, Okta, Oracle, Content Marketing Institute and TOPO. We’re now in our fifth year!

Here’s a look back at our first three years of Meetups (see medium.com link in Andy’s tweet):

Why Sponsor?

Our Meetup is run by a small group of volunteers. We have a paid subscription to Meetup.com and incur costs for marketing and administration.

Your sponsorship supports marketers (around the world!) by helping keep the Meetup going.

If you provide products or services to marketers, a sponsorship gives you awareness and visibility to potential customers.

Note: Sponsorships are location-independent! You don’t need an office or presence in the Bay Area.

Also: we’re a fun and inviting group! Check this out:


What’s Included in My Sponsorship?

We have two sponsorship periods per year: January through June (first half) and July through December (second half). We make two sponsorships available per period.


  • First half 2020: (1) available
  • Second half 2020: (1) available

Here’s what’s included in your sponsorship:

  • Sponsor listing and link on our Meetup page.
  • Sponsor shout-out at the beginning of each Meetup — you provide the wording. Note: if you have a promotional offer, you can list the offer details as part of this shout-out.
  • A handout (online document, PDF document or web page URL) to be distributed to attendees of each Meetup. Your handout will be posted as a link in the event’s page on Meetup.com, which will be seen by members who RSVP’d to that event.
  • One dedicated email (per 6-month period) that’s sent to all members. You determine the contents of the email, but we’ll need to review and approve it before it goes live 😎
  • As an added benefit, your sponsorship may earn the love and admiration of digital marketers globally 🌍

Cost: $600 per six-month period (i.e., $100 per month)

Next Steps

Interested in sponsoring or have questions? Fill out this short Google Form and I’ll be in touch. Thanks!

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