Short Video Tips about Social Media, Marketing and More

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Video Tips

Whenever I record a new tip, I’ll add it to this post. So come on back! And look for me (live) on Fridays 👋

A Tip on: Flipboard

A Tip on: Building a Culture of Content in Your Organization

A Tip on: How to Improve Your Twitter Bio

A Tip on: How to Be More Engaging on Twitter

A Tip on: Twitter Cards

A Tip on: Creating a Twitter Poll

Part 1:

Part 2:

A Tip on: Starting a Blog

A Tip on: Doing Weekly Live Video Broadcasts

A Tip on: Finding the Time to Do Something Important

A Tip on: Useful Mobile Apps

A Tip on: Composing Tweets that Contain a Link

A Tip on: Sharing a Link via Facebook

A Tip on: Finding Content on Twitter via Nuzzel

A Tip on: How I Follow Back on Twitter

A Tip on: What To Do on Friday’s

A Tip on: Doing Live Video on Twitter

A Tip on: Quantifying Your Smartphone Usage

For more background, including related links and resources, check out this Twitter thread.

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