Emoji In a Blog Post 📝 Title. Yes ✅ or No ❌ ❓

With the rise of emojis, I fear for the conventional alphabet. That being said, I’m an avid emoji user. I use them in emails, texts and social posts. I’ve also incorporated them into blog posts and articles.

But what about the in the post title?

Recently, I asked the following on Twitter:

My thoughts:


  • Emoji(s) could draw attention
  • We use them in emails, social posts and texts, so why not in post or article titles?


  • What would the search engines think?
  • Could this compromise quality, integrity or perception?
  • Could this detract attention, rather than drawing it?

Twitter Weighs In: Emojis in Blog Posts?

The Twitter community weighed in.

Just Say No

First to reply was good friend Clint Patterson. Clint’s take is that no one searches via emojis, so using them doesn’t help with post discovery.

Other users weighed in to vote “no.”

Dawn Mentzer explains further:

Advocating Emoji Use

Some users advocated for emoji use. Here are two tweets from George Siosi Samuels:

Goldie Chan makes a good point:

For String Nguyen, an emoji helps define her identity and personal brand:

Strong endorsement here from Nik Kalyani:

Rosemary Brisco says “yes,” from the point of view of attracting attention:

Try It, You Might Like It

One step ahead of you, Pam Neely 😉

This post qualifies per Gill Andrews’ advice:

And finally, Content Marketing Place weighed in:

Done, thank you! ✍️✅

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