A Day in the Life: Content Marketing Institute’s Community Manager

The exhibition floor of Content Marketing World, an annual content marketing conference held in Cleveland, Ohio.

Let’s talk about your mornings. After you finish your coffee ☕ and check CMI’s social channels, what do you do next?

What’s a typical afternoon like for you?

Monina (right) with two community members at Content Marketing World: Berrak Sarikaya (left) and Erika Heald (center).

Remote work can be a challenge for some. How do you and the CMI team stay connected during the day?

The CMI team at Intelligent Content Conference (ICC).

How do you blend after-hours work with your personal life?

What’s one thing you’d change about your job?

A brand new social network emerges. How do you evaluate whether CMI should invest time and effort in it?

What’s the first thing a community manager must do to prepare for a face-to-face event?

Monina captures footage from an event. To be shared on social media, I’m sure!

What’s the future of community management? 🔮

I learned a lot. Thanks so much, Monina! 🙏

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