Hi 👋 there!

I’m a freelance marketer who works primarily in content marketing, product marketing and social media marketing.

From 2013 to 2018, I worked in B2B Marketing for DNN Software.

My job was to build awareness and consideration of DNN’s Content Management System (CMS) via content marketing, social media marketing and product marketing.

These days, I work as a marketing consultant and freelancer (read about my freelance journey). I’m Founder of a B2B marketing agency called Attention Retention.

See below for some of the wonderful clients I work with.

Brief Personal Background

I have a B.S. degree in Computer Science and began…

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My “Content Corner” newsletter goes out every other Friday.

Over the past few issues, a few marketers whom I know unsubscribed. These were the same types of marketers for whom I write the newsletter. So my initial reaction was:

“Oh no!”

I wondered what it was that caused them to unsubscribe. Was it something I wrote?

After thinking about it, I felt more relaxed. Maybe their inbox is out of control and they need to trim back their subscriptions. Or maybe the newsletter doesn’t connect with them.

That’s fine. It’s better, after all, for someone to unsubscribe, rather than stay…

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I have a leaky roof. Every time it rains, I find some dripping inside the house. Phil came out and treated the roof, but the leak persisted.

Phil returned.

I have a retractable roof and Phil found the culprit: the rails on which the roof slides. He put some treatments on the rails to prevent water from penetrating.

And yet the roof continued to leak.

At this point, most roofers I’ve worked with would conveniently stop returning my calls.

Phil came back and treated the area some more.

And yet the roof continued to leak.

The other day, we had…

This Old Marketing podcast with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose

Two marketing experts get together to highlight interesting news items and discuss their takes. They’ll talk a little football (American football, that is), reference friends and family and throw in a rant or a rave. You get to lean over their shoulder and listen in.

That’s what it’s like to tune in to the “This Old Marketing” podcast with Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose. Recently, the duo published their 250th episode. Congrats, Joe and Robert! 👏 🙌

Here’s my top 10 list of why I love the podcast.

1) They Ask for Input from Their Audience

Recently, Pulizzi ‘N Rose (“PNR”) did an episode with 2021 predictions. Instead…

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My dad is happily retired and living in Amherst, Massachusetts with my mom.

He goes by the nickname “Sherm,” and in case you ever forget his name, he’ll ask you to “think of Sherman tank.”

It’s funny — does he look anything like a tank?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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While I’ve only listened to a few audiobooks, I’m a podcast junkie. I enjoying listening to three genres:

  • News (e.g., current events and sports)
  • Interviews
  • Long form, documentary-style programs

When I used to work in an office, I’d tune in to podcasts as I got ready for work, getting in 10–15 minutes of listening time.

Back then, I was taking my daughter to school on the same ride as my commute — her…

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It was early March and our county had not yet instituted its shelter in place order. Still, it didn’t feel right to hold in-person meetups.

We had two meetups scheduled in Redwood City, California.

A few days later, a number of Northern California counties announced shelter in place orders. Governor Newsom announced a lockdown for the entire state the following week.

We quickly pivoted.

We kept those two dates, but moved our meetups online, using Zoom.

Our in-person meetups began at 6:30pm. We moved our online meetups to lunchtime and shrunk the duration to 30 minutes.

Rich Schwerin, one of…

Photo by anna-m. w. from Pexels

The Bay Area Content Marketing Meetup is nearly five years old.

For the first four years, we met in-person, once a month in the Bay Area. For much of those four years, we met in an office building in San Mateo, thanks to the support of DNN Software, and later, the support of 3Q Digital.

(Here’s a look at our first three years, along with a list of lessons learned running the meetup.)

More recently, we moved to Redwood City, thanks to the support of Talend. And then the global pandemic hit and we were sheltered at home. That didn’t…

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I’ve been managing the newsletter for the past few years and love doing it.

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Hello! 👋

I’m a sports fan and media nut from Silicon Valley and I have some thoughts to share about local journalism.

Dennis Shiao

Marketing consultant for hire ➡️ content marketing, product marketing and more. Subscribe to my “Content Corner” newsletter: http://bit.ly/content-corner

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